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Atlas’ mission goes beyond financial inclusion. We’re not only offering savings and loans for those that need it most, but are also laying the foundation for a network that will empower a share economy for money. As we continue to connect individuals within their communities, we will begin to connect communities to each other, ushering in an age of Economies Shared.

What is it like to work at Atlas?

We believe in the importance of building a company at the grassroots level. That’s why our core team lives and works on the ground. We spend our days in the field, building fast, testing constantly, iterating quickly and talking to our users daily.

The process is challenging but equally rewarding. Through the long days, we make sure to take a moment— for socratic discussions, team dinners, well-earned rest, and impromptu adventures—- forging a bond that truly makes us a family.

Atlas focuses on developing markets and solves problems from the ground up. This requires an intimate knowledge of a place and its people.

Meet Our Team

Benefits of working with Atlas

  • Free airfare to our markets
  • Ability to work remotely
  • Flexible Work Hours
  • Health Coverage
  • 3 Square Meals
  • Open vacation policy
  • Daily fitness program
  • Option to be paid in Crypto Currency

  • We embrace distributed work. Some benefits will vary by location.

Open positions

As a senior backend engineer you will join a our team of flexible full stack nodejs developers in designing, researching, and implementing the next generation of financial tools that enable financial inclusion of the third world. Your primary focus will be to ensure our solutions are scalable, secure, and perform well under duress. You will need to be ambitious, curious, creative, execution driven, with a can-do attitude. Our next steps will be to claim our stake in the global stage and compete with legacy inter-country banking intitutions.

  • A Bachelor's or Masters in Computer Science or commensurate experience/work
  • Atleast 6 years experience in backend web development in nodejs
  • Strong relational and NoSQL databases
  • Flexible and versatile skill and attention span
  • Some cryptography and security knowledge
  • Experience working with APIs
  • Strong OOP knowledge
  • Very strong Git knowledge
  • Lean and Agile development
  • Independent, responsible, and accountable
  • Able to execute orders at the drop of a hat
  • A good team player with great communication even in remote work places
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Decentralized applications, identities, and reputations. Trustless economies and exchanges. If you're into blockchains, you will love working at Atlas Labs. We're not only into the technology but are fervent ambassadors of the future comprised entirely of blockchains. Atlas Labs is in the business of inventing the future where you get to play with the technology with very little restrictions and boundaries.

  • A Bachelor's or Masters in Computer Science or commensurate experience/work
  • Crypto, crypto, crypto, the more the better
  • Bitcoin/Ethereum core development is a major bonus
  • Bitcoin/Ethereum related open sources projects is a major bonus as well
  • Experience with APIs
  • Nodejs/C++/Python; your choice (nodejs preferred)
  • Smart contracts
  • Experience running nodes in linux environment
  • Experience with Ubuntu is a bonus
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Building a technology that competes with banking infrastructure is challenging, doing this on smart phones all the way to feature phones is a lot harder. Atlas is looking for a passionate crypto and linux cloud systems manager to secure and bolster our infrastructure into a truely borderless inclusive global enterprise level technology.

  • A Bachelor's or Masters in Computer Science or commensurate experience/work
  • Linux, Linux, Linux, Responsible of all things linux
  • Strong system administration background
  • Experience with AWS, Digital Ocean, Heroku, RDS, Load Balancing, Auto Scaling, Landscape
  • Cryptography and entriprise level security auditing
  • Experience designing, deploying and maintaining VMware virtual infrastructures
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